The best bean bag in Malaysia, why FREEASY ain't one of them?

Why FREEASY isn't the best bean bag in Malaysia?

Recently, some customers asked above question after they found out that FREEASY has not been listed in certain review website or price comparison website.

Well, as the very first trademarked bean bag and the most positively reviewed bean bag brand in Malaysia, the reason we're not listed on those websites probably due to not benefiting their business.

What's Shopee/Lazada Affiliate Program?

We found out that most of these websites are registered affiliate of online marketplace like Lazada/Shopee. Basically, the programme lets approved blogger/website/influencer/KOL earn a commission from each successful purchase using their personalized referral link. Google "Shopee MY Affiliate Program" to find out more.

Best bean bag in Malaysia?

As a registered affiliate, they can create tons of products recommendation e.g. "The best shampoo", "The best skin care", "The bean bag in Malaysia" There is no doubt most of them are not the users of the recommended products.

It is easy to identify the affiliate link at the left bottom of your screen when you move the cursor on the call-to-action button of each "recommended product" on those website. 

Why FREEASY bean bag?

  • Large bean bag approx 132 x 172 cm.

  • Made of durable polyester that easily lasts for a decade.

  • Multi-positional. Widely used as a gaming chair, movie chair, nap chair, recliner, lazy chair, loveseat, day bed, floor pillow, and s_x chair.

  • Support from upper to lower back.

  • Shop with confidence. We're the top-rated, most positively reviewed bean bag brand in Malaysia.