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The pros and cons of bean bag that using inner liner

The Advantages of Inner Liners

Easy to clean and to change: Except Nylon bean bag, all FREEASY bean bags are machine washable. To ease the washing, just remove the inner liner from the bean bag cover. To change, just remove the cover and insert the filled inner liner into the alternate cover.

Less mess: If the beanbag burst or torn, the inner liner will usually hold the filling and prevent it from spilling out across your lounge room floor.

Safer: Our inner liner provides extra protection against leakage and prevents young children from opening the bean bag cover's zipper and gaining access to the bean bag filling.

The Disadvantages of Inner Liners

Limited bean bag's versatility: Due to inner liners are usually smaller than the bean bag cover, it has limited the bean bag filling's movement, hence affected the versatility of using an ergonomic large bean bag. If you've ever used a large bean bag without an inner liner, you're definitely fell in love with its versatility. 

Refilling: It takes more effort to fill out the inner liner when the filling has shrunk due to inner liner's enclosure are much smaller than the enclosure of the bean bag cover.