The 1st bean bag brand founded in Malaysia. Constantly changing & evolving but always quality first.


    It's simple in outlook but its flexibility offers great body support for all positions while video gaming


    Widely used as movie chair, gaming chair, loveseat, daybed, recliner, sex chair, and lazy chair.


    Durable bean bag cover that made to last for at least a decade


    Wide-open with zipper & velcro to ease the filling and washing process


    The bean bag comes with a removable & refillable inner bag that made of water repellent non-woven

M'sia 1st Bean Bag Company Est.2005


5 ☆☆☆☆☆ 56 Reviews

Wan Nadhri Wan Fauzi

5 stars for vendor's service & product quality. 6th bean bags bought in 8 years. Yes, they are really durable!

Aizad Fahmy

Bought this bean bag 7 years ago. Still going strong. Just needed a replacement refill. Good quality bean bag.

Farhood Norouzizadeh Dezfouli

Great product, great service، very responsive and quick delivery. Good quality and very fun to use.


Very good quality product. Been using almost 4 years now and still look good. Highly recomend this brand and their products.

Soo Hong Koh

They're very helpful, even though I asked a lot questions due to my job nature that require urgent pickup, but they guided me well, awesome company

Azean Abdul Aziz

I really wanted to buy a beans bag for my karaoke room urgently. I whatsapp them in the morning, transfer the pymt and i can self collect the same day. To my surprise its very huge, comfy and the fabric material is so comfortable. whats more important, it comes with 2 years warranty, so no worries..my kids love it!!😍Tq Freeasy for your superb service.🤩


4.6 ☆☆☆☆☆ 76 Reviews

Han Wei

After spending more than a year looking for a comfortable and affordable beanie. Bought 1 from this site and have decided to get the 2nd piece in 2 weeks. AWESOME beanie bag!

Rina Rahman

i love freeasy beanbag...i thought it just small beanbag...but its big n comfort...i really like it...tq freeasy...

Amirul Azha Onexox

Memang puah hati, sampai2 kat rumah, terkejut beruk gua, bapak besor gila benda alah nye.. Nyaman jek bila bareng.. Service pon bereh, deal kat messengger je kot.. Tak yah ragu2 la brg tak sampai ke, ape ke.. Untuk freeasy.beanbag, nama pon free, klu ada benda free nak kasi, u got my address.. BEST WOO..!!!

Florence Chang

The bean bag is big and real big, I can sit together with my daughter for bonding time. Comfy and I super like the striking red color! Thanks Freeasy!