Bean Bag FAQ

FREEASY bean bag is quickly becoming one of the most popular and sought-after bean bag brands in Malaysia, and for good reason. Not only it's stylish and comfortable, but they also offer exceptional value for money.

Thanks to its supersized design (approximately 132 x 172 cm), users can configure this bean bag into multiple seating and resting positions, and many continue to indulge in its comfort even after 5 years of usage.


What are bean bags filled with?

Bean bags are filled with Polyfoam beads, also known as EPS beads.

Can a bean bag withstand pressure?

Not all bean bags are the same. Many years ago, during a video gamer event, we tested the pressure resistance of our waterproof, non-breathable faux leather bean bags. Of course, the bean bags survived after the event. Please DO NOT try this at home. Please DO NOT abuse bean bags. Use bean bags at your own risk. Nowadays, all FREEASY bean bags are made of breathable polyester fabric. This type of bean bag can support weights up to 150~180kg.

Can I just buy the bean bag cover?

Yes, the bean bag cover is available for sale.

How do I maintain a bean bag?

Our bean bag covers are removable. To maintain them, unzip the cover and pull out the inner liner with filling. Machine-wash the bean bag cover with cold water. We suggest drying the cover under the sun; otherwise, using a dumper dryer is alright, but it will shorten the lifespan of the hook-and-loop fastener.

Is the bean bag pet-friendly?

Yes, in terms of weight and maintenance. Our bean bag weighs only approximately 4.5~5.5kg, and the cover is washable if stained. Please use it with care. Animals with sharp claws should be kept away as they can puncture the bean bag. The durable fabric does not mean it is bulletproof.

Why does the bean bag come with double sliders?

To provide an option for customers to tie both sliders up with a plastic cable to prevent young children from accessing the inner bag that contains foam beans. Always check and make sure the enclosure is in a locked position without leakage.

The bean bag comes with bean bag filling?

Yes, optional bean bag fillings are available for customers within West Msia, with or without filling. To East Msia customers, we're only able to sell bean bag covers with an inner liner.

Do you deliver to destinations outside Klang Valley?

Yes, we do. Within Klang Valley, a full set bean bag comes with a pre-filled inner bag and a bean bag cover. For delivery outside Klang Valley, bean bag filling will be sent out by our associate partner, and the bean bag cover (including inner liner) will be sent out by J&T Express. A tracking number will be provided. As a seller, we can't guarantee the quality of the logistic service. Sometimes an unexpected condition happens due to mishandling during courier. We've got you covered, you still have a sufficient amount of filling because we always send an extra volume of beans to outstation customers.

What's the standard delivery?

Please refer to the map below. Any delivery address located within the GRAY ZONE is qualified for standard delivery (FREE shipping) For the rest of the destination located out of this GRAY ZONE, postage is RM50 per bean bag EVEN it is located within Selangor. We'll request the additional surcharge if the order is made with an incorrect payable amount, otherwise, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel an order for shipping reasons.

    What's same-day delivery?

    Please refer to the map below. Any delivery address located within this BLUE ZONE is qualified to request for same-day delivery that costs additionally RM50/bean bag. Otherwise, kindly contact us prior to making a purchase if the shipping address is located outside this blue zone. 

    Where is the bean bag shop?

    Welcome to try out the demo bean bag available at our reseller (Tong Ging Lighting Shop) showroom. However, no ready stock for cash & carry available. You can place an order at the showroom, and goods will be delivered from the factory to you directly.

    Prices shown inclusive of filling?

    Yes, with or without filling, are available for customers within West Msia. To East Msia customers, we're only able to sell bean bag cover with an inner liner only.

    How much beans do I need to refill a flat bean bag?

    Suggest buying 1kg of filling for the sake of easy filling. Always fill the bean bag according to your comfort level. For all original bean bag volume, we used to fill it with approx 3kg of beans and always reserve approx 30% of empty inner space to provide the best comfort.

    How durable is this bean bag?

    Each FREEASY bean bag covered with 1-Year product warranty. Since 2005, many customers' reviews from Google/Facebook shown that our bean bag can last more than 5 years. Don't listen to us, check their reviews. 

    Is bean bag child-friendly?

    Not all bean bags are the same. Our bean bags are child-friendly bean bags that equipped with a fastener & double slider zipper. Always check & make sure the enclosure is in a locked position without leakage. The polyester fabric is double-layered with mesh lining to withstand pressure. It won't burst even accidentally poked by sharp objects like a pen unless been abused. Never leave a child unattended on or around the bag, or allow a child to lay under a bag! This can result in serious or fatal injuries.

    Does the bean bag comes with a cover that can be washed?

    Yes, all FREEASY bean bag covers are machine washable (cold water), and the inner liner is made of water repellent non woven, non-washable. 

    What's inner liner?

    A bag that holds bean bag filling and placed inside bean bag cover.

    What's the advantages of inner liner?

    Prevent bean bag filling from spilling out and easy to clean/wash. All FREEASY bean bags are machine-washable. To ease the washing, just remove the inner liner from the bean bag cover.

    Our inner liner provides extra protection against leakage and prevents young children from opening the bean bag cover's zipper and gaining access to the bean bag filling.

    What's the disadvantages of inner liner?

    Limited flexibility. If you have ever used our bean bag without an inner liner, you would definitely fall in love with its versatility.

    Can I exchange an item?

    We do not accept any product exchange. 

    Can I change the color of bean bag cover after made purchase?

    It is not allowed once the order been shipped out. However, if you contact us immediately after making a wrong order, we can amend the color of bean bag cover you've ordered before shipping it out.

      How long is the bean bag warranty?

      The FREEASY bean bag cover is warranted against defective materials or workmanship in the hook-and-loop fastener and the zipper of the FREEASY beanbag for (1) year from the date of purchase, under normal care and use. Further reading about warranty.


      • WARNING! Bean bags may not be suitable for everyone or every situation, especially for children, pregnant women, senior citizens, or disabled persons. Using a bean bag could be dangerous.

      • When a child, pregnant woman, senior citizen, or disabled person is using the bean bag, supervision is always required. All bean bags mentioned on this website are for recreational use only and use at your own risk.

      • In no event shall FREEASY be liable to the buyer or any third party for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive, or exemplary damages (including without limitation lost profits, lost savings, or loss of business opportunity) arising out of or relating to any product or service provided by FREEASY.


      • Wash the fabric cover before using.

      • Do not overfill your bean bag. Fill according to your comfort level.

      • Please make sure no children are around while filling beanbag.

      • Use with care. The durable material doesn't mean bulletproof. 

      • Keep zipper and fastener in locked position all the time to prevent leakage of beans.

      • Keep all sharp materials away from the beanbag.

      • Avoid placing the beanbag on rough surfaces.

      • Animals with sharp claws should be kept away as they can puncture the beanbag.

      • Never leave a child unattended on or around the bag, or allow a child to lay under a bag! This can result in serious or fatal injuries.

      • This product is not a flotation device.

      • Be mindful and keep shifting your sitting position.