Bean Bag FAQ

Q: What is the “filling”?
A: We only produce and offer virgin polystyrene beads instead of recycled EPS that selling by others.

Q: Prices shown inclusive of filling?

A: Yes, it's completed with 100% filling upon delivery.

Q: Why only received beanbag cover and its inner bag?

A: Due to the size of a complete beanbag is consider as volumetric weight, hence all international order will only receive beanbag cover and inner bag as stated clearly on the product page. Customers are encouraged to read all details before making a purchase.

Q: Will it shrink over time?

A: Yes, it happens according to the frequency of usage and weight of the user.  

Q: Moisture on inner bag. Why wet?

A: Thanks to local weather and humidity. Moisture generated from beanbag filling during logistic but it won't affect its quality. Just take it our from the plastic packaging to let the moisture escape and the inner bag will dry naturally.

Q: Is the beanbag safe for children?

A: Yes. Our beanbags are child-friendly beanbag equipped with Velcro & zipper. Always check & make sure the enclosure is in locked position without leakage.

Q:Why cover and inner bag packed separately?

A: Within Malaysia, in order to prevent beanbag cover been stained during delivery, we have separated it and the inner bag. Just push the black inner bag into the beanbag cover. Make sure both beanbag cover & inner bag's zippers position are at same direction in order to provide the best comfort.


  • Wash the fabric cover before using.
  • Do not overfill your bean bag. Fill according to your comfort level.
  • Please make sure no children are around while filling beanbag.
  • Use with care. The durable material doesn't mean bulletproof. 
  • Keep zipper and Velcro in locked position all the time to prevent leakage of beans.
  • Keep all sharp materials away from the beanbag.
  • Avoid placing the beanbag on rough surfaces.
  • Animals with sharp claws should be kept away as they can puncture the beanbag.
  • Never leave a child unattended on or around the bag, or allow a child to lay under a bag! This can result in serious or fatal injuries.
  • This product is not a flotation device.