From Manufacture to Online Business: Thanks TREEY®

We kicked off FREEASY back in 2005, selling bean bags straight from the factory to home and office everywhere. Simple, right? Turns out, not so much. Without a brand, our bean bags were just fancy sacks of beans—hard to sell. From 2005 to 2010, we participated events and exhibitions frequently, trying to get folks to recognize our bean bags as more than just a typical "beanbag chair".

Engaged TREEY® in 2012, and it was goodbye to playing second fiddle in the retail world, letting furniture stores sit pretty on our profits. TREEY got us set up with an e-commerce site that really put us on the map—or at least on the top page of Google Malaysia.

freeasy bean bag

And wouldn't you know it? That’s how TGV Cinemas found us when they were hunting for a manufacturer to deck out their BeaniePlex cinemas with our bean bags. We scored a project that kept us busy and our bean bags in the limelight for years!

TREEY’s magic with SEO and Google Ads catapulted us from being just another bean bag seller to a brand name synonymous with “chill luxury.” Though we stopped using their Google Ads services around 2015, our site’s still rocking the top page in 2024. Through Groupon, Lazada, and even the Shopee era, our SEO’s been as resilient as a bean bag on a lazy Sunday.

The website TREEY designed is simple—no frills, just like us. It embodies FREEASY: free & easy.

Cheers to TREEY for keeping us visible in the cluttered world of e-commerce. Here’s to staying on top (page) and hoping TREEY’s vibes keep the good times rolling for years to come!