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Bean Bag FAQ


Q: What's the difference between your bean bags?

A: Please click here to find out more.

Q: What is the recommended grade of “filling”?

A: Suggest to purchase virgin polystyrene or EPS beads for bean bag.

Q: Do you have a walk-in shop?

A: No, we don't. Welcome to check out the close-up product photos available on every product page at our website to determine the fabric quality.

Q: Prices shown inclusive of filling?

A: No.

Q: Why only received bean bag cover and its inner bag?

A: FREEASY only sells bean bag cover and inner bag as stated clearly on this website. Customers are encouraged to read all details before making a purchase.

Q: Will bean bag shrinks over time?

A: Yes, it happens according to the frequency of usage and the quality of bean bag filling. 

Q: Is the beanbag safe for children?

A: Yes. Always check & make sure the enclosure is without leakage. Never leave a child unattended on or around the bag, or allow a child to lay under a bag! This can result in serious or fatal injuries.

Q: Pet-friendly?

A: Animals with sharp claws should be kept away as they can puncture the beanbag.